Apple powder: How to have a healthy liver?

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The liver is an organ of dark reddish brown color and its main function is to regulate the levels of chemical substances in the blood. With the bile it helps to transport the waste, in addition, the liver processes and balances the blood (all the blood of the stomach and intestines pass through the liver firs) and in this process creates nutrients and metabolizes the medicines so that the body can use them. Sometimes, we may take lightly the functions that the liver have in the human body but its functions are hundreds so we must be aware of the health of our liver.

Other functions of the liver are to produce proteins, produce cholesterol and special proteins to be able to carry fats throughout the body, manufacture and balance the glucose so that we can have energy and perform daily activities, regulate amino acids in the blood, store iron, purify the drugs, regulates blood coagulation, strengthens the immune system and removes bacteria from the blood, purifies bilirubin. When filtering harmful substances, the body discards them through feces or urine.

Liver diseases are quite common and usually occur when there is an accumulation of fat in this organ, which can cause impairment in its basic functions by inflaming your cells. One of the most common diseases is having a fatty liver. This disease can become a chronic disease preventing the liver from working properly and causing serious consequences.

One way to prevent this disease is to consume fruits to maintain a healthy diet, avoiding too many fats that cause the liver is no longer able to process all the fats and toxic substances that are consumed. One of the fruits that provide more benefits is the apple. For this reason, in Instantia, we decided to create organic dried apple and apple powder that has all the benefits of fruit, large amount of fiber and is excellent for use as a food supplement, either to prepare smoothies in the morning, prepare sauces or include it in our liquefied protein.

The apple powder that we produce is 100% natural. We begin with the harvest of organic fruits with the best quality, later; we begin with the process of dehydration by means of heat. In this way, the fruit will keep all its nutrients, the only thing that will lose will be the water. When the fruit is already dry, we grind it to create the apple powder. Thus, you can enjoy all the benefits of the apple, at any time of the day and use it as a complement in thousands of dishes and drinks.

Apples bring great benefits to our body, they are able to reduce blood sugar levels, also help cleanse the liver because of the high content of antioxidants they possess. Apples help prevent stones in the liver and kidneys, the skin of the apple helps to eliminate the fat and heavy metals that are in our body.

The liver produce glucose, and without it, our body could not function because it is what gives us energy. Insulin is responsible for regulating these glucose levels. As already mentioned, the liver stores sugar and helps maintain blood sugar levels (which are constant), and also produces glucose so that the body can function properly, the need to store or release glucose is controlled by insulin. If the body does not produce enough insulin it is what is called diabetes.

If you have diabetes problems, apples are also very useful for regulating blood sugar levels because they can decrease the absorption of glucose in the digestive system, stimulate insulin secretion and promote the redistribution of insulin in the body. This is due to the large amount of fiber that apples have, so they do not produce high levels of sugar after ingesting them.

In Instantia, we also produce strawberry powder, which like the apple powder is a great remedy to take care of the liver. This is because it has antioxidants and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, iodine. In addition, it strengthens the immune system of our body. When using strawberry powder as a supplement in juices or smoothies will help you maintain the health of your liver.

To prevent fatty liver, we want to share with you other recommendations that will allow you to enjoy a great quality of life and avoid diseases such as fatty liver and take care of the health of the liver so that our body functions correctly. Fiber is indispensable because it is able to absorb fats and sugars, helping the intestinal tract. This fiber can be found in strawberry and apple powder, we recommend including in breakfast a smoothie with natural oats, apple or strawberry powder, almond milk and stevia (if you want to sweeten it). This smoothie will bring you great benefits due to its high fiber content.

In addition, we must include green vegetables in our diet, and avoid eating too much sugar. For example, avoid eating soft drinks or candies with a lot of sugar because they produce high levels of sugar, causing our body to have an imbalance. As well as increase the intake of vitamin A, C, E and selenium. It is advisable to ingest lemon due to its high content of vitamin C and helps to detoxify the body, helping the body to break down food, stimulating the stomach and protecting the liver.

These were some recommendations to be able to have a healthy liver. In Instantia, you can find dried fruit and strawberry and apple powder of great quality that are excellent complements that will bring great benefits to your health. We invite you to know all our products that you will surely love.

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