Apple powder: what is pectin for?

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Apples have many nutrients that are beneficial to health. It is one of the fruits that give more benefits to our body. Some of the benefits that apples have are that they have high content of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamins E, vitamin K, folic acid, bromine, calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, riboflavin, pectin, among others. In order to provide apples to everybody in instantia we produce apple powder, apple fiber, dried apple, among others products.

The set of components that the apple has can help us prevent some diseases, as well as lead a life with a balanced diet. The apple provides anticancer properties, contains antioxidants, as well as premature aging, and promotes the functioning of the immune system. It also lowers cholesterol, promotes healthy digestion, it has anti-inflammatory properties, combat insomnia, among others. For this reason, in this post we want to share with you what are the benefits that contribute to our body consuming pectin that can easily be found in apple powder.

Pectin is a substance that is very beneficial to humans and is present in several fruits and vegetables among which apple stands out. Pectin is not precisely a nutrient; however its consumption is very beneficial because it helps our body to reduce waste and toxins daily.

Pectin in digestion

Pectin contains prebiotics that are characterized by being a type of carbohydrates that cause the elevation of fat acids and gases like carbon dioxide which causes a beneficial bacteria increase in the intestine reducing the amount of bacteria that could affect our health. For this reason, apple powder helps us improve intestinal function, reducing constipation or digestive disorders such as gas and diarrhea because pectin will help increase the viscosity, volume of feces and eliminates the bacteria causing diarrhea.

Stimulates the immune system

Apples can boost the immune system as they contain anti-inflammatory components. In addition, they contain antioxidants that stimulate natural immunity helping to eliminate harmful molecules to health. The pectin present in apple powder helps to stimulate the organic defenses that are able to increase the production of antibodies that strengthen health. In addition, apples contain potassium which is a component that also helps the immune system because it helps to transmit electrical charges through the body.


Pectin helps to prevent colon cancer and inflammatory bowel diseases because of its properties that help to slow down the growth of bacteria that could harm our body; improving bowel health. Some of the first symptoms of colon cancer are change in feces consistency, blood in feces or pain in the intestine. It also helps prevent prostate cancer, it is not a cure but pectin helps reduce the risk of it.

Pectin and Cholesterol

Pectin has the ability to help our body eliminate toxins that our body does not need; this helps eliminate any blockages that may exist in the arteries, which commonly cause heart attacks.

Pectin and blood pressure

Pectin helps to expel bile acids which are compounds that are synthesized in the liver from cholesterol, releasing the blood from these components. It also helps the liver to use more cholesterol to re-produce bile acids by lowering cholesterol. It also helps prevent the formation of gallstones.

Pectin helps to lose weight

Pectin contains fiber, which makes people feel satiated for a longer period of time, avoiding meals between meals. In addition, this fiber also helps maintain blood glucose levels through the slow process of carbohydrate absorption.

Pectin and celiac

Celiac disease is the gluten intolerance that is present in wheat and its development is linked to genetic, environmental and immunological factors. Pectin that is present in apple powder helps people with celiac disease to help carry a gluten-free diet because pectin helps thicken some desserts or saucers to give the proper consistency that normally could not be consumed by celiac. Pectin helps the correct absorption of some vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium. In addition to all the benefits, pectin have is useful for thickening jams or preserves of fruit, to make sweets or improve the consistency of some sauces and baked goods.

With our products you can enjoy a nutritious snack in any place, ensuring you have a good diet to improve your health. All the fruits that we offer are dried with processes of high quality, we put all the care so that nothing is wasted and you can acquire a complete product that will benefit you.

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We produce apple fiber, strawberry powder and apple powder that is made with organic apples with high quality standards, using organic processes in every step of the production, so you are not consuming products with harmful pesticides; we know how important it is for you to know that what you are buying is truly beneficial to your health. We invite you to visit our page, browse our blog and know all the products we have in our catalog, we are committed to offering you high quality products. If you have doubts about our services or any of our products, we will be very happy to help you.

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