Banana flour, banana powder or dried banana – Which one is better?

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When we arrive at the supermarket we can see thousands of options to choose from and feel insecure to see that everything is made of banana. But, what are the differences? Are they all healthy? How can I use them?

That is why in this post we want to share with you the differences between banana flour, banana powder and dried banana.

Let’s start with the banana flour that is the one that sometimes causes us more confusion. Banana flour is made from green banana which is of Asian origin. The characteristic of this banana is that it is larger than the yellow bananas we normally buy in supermarkets. In addition, when it begins to mature, it begins to turn yellow with brown stripes. In some places of Latin America it is also known as “macho” banana.

This banana has a very peculiar flavor. When it is raw it has a bitter taste but if it cooks it becomes sweet. They are usually roasted or cooked with oil. This banana contains vitamins and minerals like magnesium, vitamin B, contains fiber, and does not contain sugars. However, it possesses large amount of carbohydrates.

At first banana flour was considered medicinal because of its nutritional characteristics. This flour helps to decrease weight, constipation because of its high fiber content; improving the metabolism, among others. The banana flour is made from green bananas, egg whites, water and gums.

Because of its properties that help the body of the human being is why researchers began to develop a product from this banana for people who are celiac. This flour is a great choice for them as it does not contain gluten and is a healthy alternative for anyone who wants to balance their food.

The difference with wheat pasta is that the vast majority of this type of pasta contains gluten. Also, contain less fat than regular pasta; is an opportunity for celiac people to enjoy spaghetti without worrying if the wrapper said the truth about not containing gluten. In addition the texture, smell and taste are very pleasant so you will not even notice the difference and it will be a delicious change.

These discoveries bring many benefits for green bananas because they do not have so much demand, reason why its commercial use is little. However, if industries start to produce banana flour that meet the requirements and standards of each country you can be sure of an alternative in pasta that is beneficial for a large number of people. The advantage of banana flour is that it is recommended for celiac people. But, what is celiac disease? It is a disease that is caused by gluten and prolamins.

Some people who suffer this disease have no symptoms. Occasionally, an independent situation such as pregnancy, gastroenteritis or stress can trigger symptoms of celiac disease.

People with this disease usually suffer from digestive problems and may have gas, chronic diarrhea, constipation, bloating, stomachaches or vomiting. The danger of this disease is that people cannot absorb the nutrients of different foods. If a child is celiac may have developmental delay, weight loss, and short stature, among others.

Celiac disease in adults can lead to anemia, bone pain, depression or anxiety, infertility, seizures, fatigue, among others. One of the great problems of celiac disease is that the immune system can attack your own body. However, the symptoms may vary depending on each person.

People with this disease cannot eat foods that contain bread, wheat flour, barley, oats, rye. In addition, they should constantly check whether some foods contain or not gluten like chocolates, preserves or pates. And the foods they have allowed are milk, butter, eggs, fruit, honey, sugar, among others.

The dried banana is made from the banana we normally consume. The difference of this banana with the natural one is that it has lost its content in water. Approximately the bananas have 76% of water reason why when removing the water; the banana reduces its size. However, it does not reduce the number of vitamins and minerals. In other posts we have already commented extensively on the advantages of dried banana in our body, so here we list briefly.

This type of dried fruit is one of the most nutritious because it contains fiber that highlights stomach problems such as constipation, diarrhea, prevents stomach ulcers and helps to lower cholesterol. In addition, it brings a lot of energy to people who do exercise helping them to perform better in their workouts and to avoid cramps because of their high potassium content.

The banana powder is very similar to dried banana; the difference is that is powder. There is usually confusion between banana powder and banana flour. The difference is that the flour is made of green banana and is used to make foods like pasta. On the other hand, banana powder is very similar to dehydrated bananas; they are made of bananas and they are dried and then grinding. This type of product also does not contain water so all nutrients are intensified in smaller amounts. With this powder you can complement foods like protein smoothies to give it a different flavor as well as get more vitamins, or a very delicious breakfast with oatmeal banana powder and almond milk (or milk of your choice) and you will have a very nutritious breakfast and also quick to do.

The differences that have the three products are the uses that can be given to them. For example, banana flour is for pasta and to make foods like spaghetti, lasagna and you will be certain that does not contain gluten. On the other hand, the dried banana can be eaten as a snack (cut into squares), or to complement foods such as salads, even in pastry recipes or breakfasts. Finally the banana powder can be used in confectionery and drinks. By having different uses bananas can provide us in various ways the vitamins and minerals they contain helping our health notoriously.


The three products can be consumed by celiac as none of the three contain gluten. All three foods can be used for treatment of eating disorders. Because they have starches and fiber which causes people to feel satisfied. So it helps in weight loss treatments. And in disorders such as anorexia is also beneficial because of the high content of vitamins, minerals and fiber can provide what the body needs in small amounts without the people considering that they already ate too much. The three types of products can be consumed by people with diabetes because it contains moderate glycemic index. However, it should be in moderation.

The three different types of products contain high content of potassium and magnesium, which is beneficial for people suffering from heart problems.

In addition, this type of fruit helps to replace electrolytes that are lost with sweat when exercising. For this reason, its consumption is highly recommended for people who perform activities where they require greater effort or exercise such as CrossFit, mountaineering, weights, among others. Nature is wise and it is for these reasons that it is a fruit that is commonly found in tropical climates where people sweat more.
Another benefit they have is that because of the large amount of magnesium they possess it is beneficial for people suffering from osteoporosis, bone fractures, stress and even less common diseases like lupus and fibromyalgia.

Although both fruits contain similar vitamins and minerals that help the body for different situations, it is important to highlight that they are not the same fruit.


Banana is a fruit native to India. This plant contains very large leaves and a large stem. Bananas have an elongated shape, when mature they turn to a yellow color and then to a black color. When removing the skin the inside is soft, has white color and is of sweet taste (without the need to cook them). On the other hand, green bananas are very similar, but we can differentiate them because they are longer. The rind is thicker and stronger. Normally this type of banana takes longer to mature and as already mentioned turns yellow with black stripes until turning completely black when they are very ripe.

If you eat raw this type of banana does not taste good, it tastes bitter. However, when cooking it becomes sweet and have a pleasant taste. Flour is made with this type because it contains less water and greater fiber.

Now you know how to differentiate this type of bananas. It will be really useful because in the future the banana flour will start to become more commercial and now you know how to use each of the three products.

We hope you enjoyed this post. If you have any doubt about our products contact us to our telephone numbers and email and remember that if you are looking for dried fruit of great quality, Instantia is your best option.

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