Dried Mango: A Healthy Choice for Kids

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Junk food is characterized by being a food that contains high amounts of calories, fats, sodium and other components and additives that can be harmful to health. Most people, and especially children, find the taste of this type of food pleasant, because they contain flavor enhancers that make us like more the food, as well as colorants and flavorings that make us want more of it. If we consume too much junk food we are sure to have obesity.

What foods are considered junk food? pizza, cakes, hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, fries, chocolates, ice cream, popcorn, soft drinks, cookies, fried food, among others. Feeding on these foods or consuming them daily can lead to diseases such as obesity, diabetes, depression, nutrient deficiency, among others.

During childhood a person forges the habits that will define it in the future and the feeding plays a fundamental role in the life of the people. Occasionally, because of the cravings of children, adults may have conflicts with their children because they request to eat this type of food, and parents sometimes don´t want to argue with them so they give them just the food that the children want, without thinking about the consequences that a bad constant feeding could have in your daily life.

Junk food, although eliminates hunger, is not healthy, it does not provide the necessary nutrients for the body. It is very important that children consume foods containing vitamins and minerals that promote their growth and optimal physical and mental development.

In children, poor diet can lead to:

  • Little development: children do not grow what they should because their body does not have the nutrients needed to grow.
  • Deficiency in the study: By not eating properly, children may have low concentration and poor memory because their brain does not receive adequate nutrients. This is because if the person carries a diet with high content in sugars and fats can suppress or interfere with the synapses responsible for learning and memory. It also increases the risk of dementia because it can restrict the ability to reason and create memories.
  • Obesity: Children develop obesity, which in the future may develop other diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, among others.
  • Depression: Children and young people may experience changes in mood and behavior.
  • Tiredness: Junk food lacks nutrients that bring vitamins, minerals and energy to the body. Carrying a poor diet and including junk food in the regular diet of children can cause them to have a chronic fatigue. This, because your body works to digest these foods that bring nothing to your body, they only make us feel satisfied.
  • Gastrointestinal diseases: Because the junk food is fried can cause problems digesting food because the oil sticks to the walls of the stomach, causing it to increase acid production to digest food, irritating the stomach. By not consuming fiber, the digestion becomes more difficult causing constipation.
  • Diseases in the kidneys: The kidneys are responsible for filtering the toxins in the blood so eating junk food directly affects their functioning.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: As we have already mentioned, junk food causes increased cholesterol, increased blood sugar levels that can cause blocked blood flow to the heart that can lead to heart attacks.
  • Diabetes: Including this type of food in our daily diet can lead to diabetes, because with junk food, glucose suddenly increases in our organism; making our body confused and incapable of producing enough insulin to process it. For this reason, blood sugar levels increase. Over time, the body may lose the ability to produce insulin which leads to diabetes.

As you can see, it is very important that children receive a healthy diet because in the first years of life their brain and body grow rapidly so if they do not receive the necessary vitamins and nutrients can be detrimental to intellectual and physical ability.

For this reason, we want to share with you some suggestions for an easy and healthy lunch for your children. We know that because of the current lifestyle we need to do everything faster, and we know that this is the reason why sometimes we do not have the time to prepare healthy lunch for our children. That is why; we want to share with you some healthy and delicious lunch that will not affect the time of your daily routine.

The first thing to know is that to create a healthy lunch is to include a food from each group. For example, fruits, vegetables, proteins and cereals. This way the child will consume foods from each group that will provide them with the necessary vitamins for optimal growth. Be empathetic and put yourself in the place of your child, and try to make a lunch that does not lose texture. If you put a sandwich with ham and tomato, surely the bread will lose its shape and become wet making it no longer look appetizing.

Lunch 1

  • Dried mango
  • Ham and cheese rolls
  • Cucumber with lemon
  • 2 oatmeal cookies

Lunch 2

  • Cherry tomatoes
  • with yogurt and granola. You can use any type of yogurt, we recommend natural yogurt or greek yogurt because it provides greater protein and less fat. Granola makes the lunch sweeter for children because of the honey that it contains, and mango gives energy to the children. Place the granola and the mango in a Tupper so that they do not moisten and at the time of the lunch the child mixes them and they are in good condition.

Lunch 3

  • Ham and cheese sandwich. Put the lettuce or the tomato in another Tupperware so that the bread does not get wet and the boy places it just in the moment.
  • Include an apple or dried mango

Lunch 4

Including dried mango has great benefits in food as it improves the health because of its enzymes and proteins. The mango also contains fiber that is useful for heart diseases and also helps to process the food.

This fruit contains vitamin A, and benefits the eyes health, preventing burning and dry eyes and night blindness and improves the appearance of the skin because it prevents pimples and premature aging because it contains antioxidants.

Mango prevents anemia because it strengthens the blood circulation, preventing fluid retention, prevents hair loss, strengthens the nervous system and fights insomnia; it contains magnesium, zinc, iodine, vitamins B, C, E and K that helps us strengthen bones, digestive and immune system. Eating mango gives children the energy to perform their daily activities because they have fructose.

Another benefit of consuming dried fruits or mango is that they do not require refrigeration and last longer than fresh fruit. On the other hand, being dehydrated the vitamins contained in the mango or any fruit are intensified and that’s why it contains more calories and carbohydrates than the fresh ones, so you have to eat the recommended rations.

At Instantia you will find quality products that take care of the health of your family. Buying dehydrated fruits makes sure they do not contain sugar or other additives that change their taste or add more sugars than needed. Our products are 100% natural sugar free, no additives.

Our process is very old, even ancient cultures did it because they needed to preserve fruits for a longer time because by drying the fruits and vegetables microorganisms do not grow because they lack water so that their decomposition stop. Dried fruit can last a year and the benefit is that you can enjoy any fruit, any time of the year.

At Instantia we take great care of the quality of our products. That’s why we control temperature to maintain the quality and nutrients of our products. In addition, we take care of every detail in the packaging of our products because an oversight can create microorganisms or diminish the quality of our products. Dehydrated fruits have a lower volume than fruits because water is eliminated and they have great nutritional value, they retain their nutritional value, they do not contain high levels of fat so their consumption is beneficial.

Instantia is a leading global natural food company, our products are in the United States and Europe, complying with the regulations and certifications necessary for its sale. We are always focused on working together with the local producers which allow us to get the best product with the highest quality and with fair prices; we care about the environment, the people in our company and our clients; we want to produce and be a part of people’s lives in a positive way, by improving their health, with quality products that they consume every day.

Contact us at (55) 2166 9191 – (55) 2166 9492 – 01 728 2820230 or send us an email to info@instantia.com and we will be happy to solve all your doubts and share with you our processes and products, so you will be sure about the quality of each product.

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