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Fruits and dried fruits have always been part of the lives of human beings and animals for hundreds of years. Dried fruits have been consumed for many years; the dehydration of fruits and vegetables is one of the oldest processes, it was the way in which people could preserve these foods longer; by not doing it, they ran the risk of die of starvation during the winter. In the absence of refrigerators, or other ways of preserving the food, they discovered that by leaving them in the sun, they dried and dehydrated; this process caused that the microorganisms did not grow due to the lack of water, and is the reason why the decomposition stops.

Thus, for hundreds of years fruits have accompanied us in our daily lives, we can grow them in our homes, we buy them in the supermarket without knowing some interesting facts about this wonderful food that allows us to obtain a large amount of vitamins and minerals daily.

The difference between fresh and dried fruit is that the dried ones do not have the liquid (water) but still conserves all the nutrients of the fresh fruit. However, these nutrients are concentrated because they do not have water. When a fruit lose water, its taste changes and is sweeter so people think that dried fruits contains more sugar and creates the idea that dehydrated fruit can cause obesity. The taste of fruits is sweet because they contain fructose, and it’s healthier than synthetic sugars and not all brands that sell dried fruits add more sugar to fruits.

Did you know that avocado is a fruit?

The avocado comes from a tree of 20 meters and there are many varieties of avocado but the best known is the Hass. Avocados are from Central and South America and have been cultivated for thousands of years. In the United States they are produced in Florida and California because they need a warm climate to grow. Avocado is very beneficial to eat because it keeps the heart healthy, prevents some types of cancer, reduces cholesterol, contains potassium which prevents diseases of the circulatory system, contains folic acid and helps absorb carotenoids.

If you want an avocado to ripen quickly put it inside a paper bag, you will know that it is ripe when the skin becomes dark. When you open it you can refrigerate it in a Tupper so that it does not get oxygen and turn black or you can spray the exposed part with lemon juice so that it does not darken.

Did you know that cucumbers are a fruit?

This is because it has high water content, provides very few carbohydrates, provides vitamin C and vitamin A. It is very useful for slimming diets and beauty treatments. You can cut two slices of cucumber, lie down and put them in your closed eyes. This will help hydrate the eyes, delay the appearance of wrinkles and give your eyes a rest.

Did you know that figs contain the same calcium as milk?

So if you are intolerant to dairy, you already have a healthy option to be able to acquire the amounts of calcium necessary for the formation of bones, teeth and to avoid osteoporosis. On the other hand, strawberries and kiwi contain more vitamin C than oranges and irritate less the stomach. In addition, strawberries are the only fruit that has seeds on the outside and can have up to 200 seeds and contains less sugar levels than lemon.

Other facts about fruits are:

An apple tree can produce 400 apples a year, apples float in the water because they have 25% air and there are more than 7 thousand types of apples in the world. The mango is one of the favorite fruits of the world for its flavor and is the most chosen by humans and even chimpanzees; another reason to be considered the king of fruits.

The pineapple is the queen of fruits because in the past was very difficult to transport it, it was synonymous with glamour and they even rented pineapples as party centerpieces. Having a pineapple was synonymous of having lots of money. A curious fact is that you can accelerate the ripening of the pineapple by supporting it on the end where its leaves are born.

In the past blackberry juice was used to dye navy blue clothes. The shell of the watermelon was used to transport water on long expeditions and the eggplant was born from a mixture of apple and tomato; other amazing fact is that in the past bananas had many large seeds so you could eat very little of the fruit. The grapes cannot ripen after being harvested and if they are placed in the microwave they explode. The most popular fruit is the tomato, not the apple. Many of the wild fruits and some well-known fruits could become extinct by the year 2080 due to climate change.

These were some curious facts about fruits to expand our knowledge about the nature and benefits of consuming fruits daily. In Instantia we take care of your health and work to maintain the nutrients of each fruit, choosing only the best fruits because all of our products dried fruits are 100% natural. We never use additives, sugar or preservatives on any of them.

We want to be part of the life of every person in the world, providing quality and healthy food; taking care of our environment and contributing energy and happiness to our consumers. We invite you to know our products, as well as more benefits of consuming dried fruit.

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