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Junk foods are those foods that contain high levels of fats, salt, various condiments, sweeteners, flavor enhancers and even colorants. This content is able to stimulate the appetite, that people become thirstier due to its high sodium content. This is positive for producers or owners of establishments because it causes customers to consume more of their product or establishment.

Many of these products contain Trans fats that are characterized by being a type of fat that is dangerous to heart health and is associated with the development of some types of cancer.

Transgenic fats are usually found in industrialized foods containing hydrogenation. An example of these foods is margarine, cake baking and it is very common to find them in fast foods.

Most people are aware that these types of products can be harmful to health. However, they cause a type of addiction to continue consuming it which causes people continue consuming them, even knowing that they are bad for their health.

More and more people and countries are abusing their consumption, producing diseases and obesity to the population. Some of the most common diseases produced by this type of food are:

Diabetes. This disease has no cure and is chronic. Diabetes occurs when there is a problem in metabolism that causes an excess production in blood sugar that is because the hormone insulin does not work properly; this hormone is responsible to regulate the levels of sugar in the body.

Heart disease. This disease is the leading cause of death in several countries. And there are several diseases such as coronary disease that is an illness in the blood vessels of the heart or as high blood pressure: that is when the blood pressure to the arteries is very high.

By purchasing these foods you ensure the consumption of cholesterol, triglycerides, sugar and salt; as a consequence produces this type of diseases.

Nutrition in our days

Diseases are not caused entirely by this type of food, but it is complemented by the lifestyle we have. Although many people know the consequences of eating these foods, the current lifestyle, the lack of time causes people to buy fast food, buy snacks from machines or soda to increase energy while they spend the hours in the office.

Millions of people lead a sedentary life because of all the activities they must do. Imagine a common day in the lives of millions of people where they go to work, go out at night tired and no time to exercise, so eating this food during the week, with no exercise; they are making that the sugar and fats they contain begin to be stored in their bodies because they do not perform enough exercise to burn them. This problem begins to cause obesity and the person starts to increase their abdominal fat, sugar levels, has less energy and health. And this becomes a circle, because if the person is tired and has health problems do not feel like exercising what makes the problem worse.

Instantia and health

Instantia is a leading global natural food company, always focused on working together with the local producers which allow us to get the best product with the highest quality and with a fair price; we care about the environment, the people in our company and our clients; we want to produce and be a part of people’s lives in a positive way, by improving their health, with quality products that they consume every day.

Compare two people; the first always have a fast food meal, with snacks of sweets and drink soda excessively. The second person tries to eat a balanced diet and with healthy snacks like fresh or dried fruit. After six months or less, the first person will lack energy, probably have cholesterol problems and sugar levels. Instead, the second person will have more energy, the skin will look better and the body will be in good condition because it has the nutrients it needs to function properly.

In order to have a healthy lifestyle is necessary to change habits where fast food and junk is not our main source of food. Eating in moderation or some time a week this type of food is not bad. However, we must change our habits so that we can eat these foods without harming our health.

The first thing you should do to start changing habits is to exercise for at least 30 minutes a day. This will begin to transform our body, as it will begin to burn calories and to make an effort strengthening our muscles. If you have never exercised, we recommend that you begin to do it gradually. For example, walk 30 minutes, walk your pet, ride a bike, dance, among others. Start with little effort. As the time passes you will notice that you are stronger and you can do more effort. Sometimes people begin with very strong routines and quickly give up exercise because they are tired or do not see the results quickly. For this reason, we recommend to be persistent and start with 30 minutes and increase as your resistance increases.

As you begin to exercise you will notice that your will begin to feel better physically. Change snacks like sweets or fried foods for healthy snacks like fresh vegetables like carrot or cucumber, also you can have dehydrated fruits like those we offer in Instantia like banana, mango, coconut or apple to calm the hunger, receive energy while our body absorbs vitamins that it needs.

Instantia is a company concerned about the health of its customers. Our products are made from 100% natural fruits. The process of our products is by heat so the only thing we eliminate from fruits is water; the vitamins and minerals of each of them intensify in the remaining volume. In addition, we do not add sugar, or other additives to promote a healthy life in people.

We know that making changes in habits is difficult, but when you begin to notice the results will become easier. Like exercise, we recommend that you begin slowly so that your body begins to get accustomed. Starvation diets may work for a while but they are not the solution because you don’t receive the nutrients properly. What we mean is that people think that they are on a diet for a period of time and when they finish they return to old habits by gaining weight again. They lost weight for a while, but they did not change their habits. This is the secret, taking the diet but internalizing the habits.

An example of changing habits might be:

  • Eat at your hours. On many occasions due to work or various activities people do not have time to eat, so many of them eat once or twice a day, eating a lot in these two meals to quench hunger. This, produces the size of the stomach to increase, the body reserves fats for the hours you do not have to eat so you gain weight. In addition, it may cause diseases like ulcers and gastritis by not eating at suitable times. For this reason we recommend taking healthy snacks for the moment you feel hungry to avoid the craving or need to consume fried foods.
  • Reduce carbohydrates. Eating lots of carbohydrates can make us not hungry, but it will not give us the vitamins our body needs. Try to have at each meal carbohydrates, proteins and vegetables. Vegetables must be the largest portion, because vegetables or fruits contain fiber that helps our bodies digest food.
  • Drink water. It is very important to drink water because it helps to eliminate toxins, helps the digestion of food and accelerates metabolism, and improves the appearance of skin and hair.
  • Do exercise. As already mentioned, you must exercise daily for at least 30 minutes.
  • Decrease salt intake. Salt causes liquids and high blood pressure to be retained, so you should moderate your consumption.
  • Sleep. One of the main habits that we must have is to sleep the hours that our body needs. For adults it is recommended from 7 to 9 hours daily.
  • Read the labels. Although it may seem unimportant, reading the labels of what we are going to consume is of the utmost importance. In this way we will know what it is that we are going to consume. If we talk specifically about what happens with dried fruits we can see their relevance.

There are products made with dried fruits that contain more sugar to give them a sweeter taste. The problem is that many people believe that dried fruits are synonymous of sugar and this causes a bad reputation to this product. Not all dried fruits contain sugar, flavorings or additives to modify their taste or color.

These were some recommendations to start leading a healthy life. Give yourself the opportunity to lead a healthy life with our products and become a preferred customer. With Instantia you will be buying an excellent product that will help you and your customers to have a healthy life with delicious and natural dried fruits.

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