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Instantia is a leading global natural food company, always focused on working together with the local producers which allow us to get the best product with the highest quality. Some of our products in dehydrated fruits are: pineapple, coconut, apple, mangoes; as well as apple and strawberry powder and apple fiber.

The difference between fresh and dehydrated fruit is that the dried ones loses the liquid (water) but still conserves all the nutrients of the fresh fruit. However, these nutrients are concentrated because they no longer have water.


The conservation of food by drying it is one of the oldest procedures used in the world. It is a method to preserve food for a longer time and is the simplest and most natural. It is only necessary to cut the fruit and dehydrate it with heat.

At Instantia we take care of every part of our process; so we select the highest quality fruit from the best Mexican fields, and carefully process them using low temperatures to maintain the original properties of each fruit, taking care of each of the fruits to give them the best quality in each one.

When a fruit lose water, their taste changes and is sweeter so people may come to think that dehydrated fruit contains more sugar and creates the idea that dehydrated fruit can cause obesity. The taste of fruits is sweet because they contain fructose, and its consumption is healthier than synthetic sugars.

Instantia take care of your health and work to maintain the nutrients of each fruit, choosing only the best fruits because all of our products are 100% natural. We never use additives, sugar or preservatives on any of them.

Dehydrated fruits contain many benefits and depending on the fruit are the vitamins and nutrients that will provide us. For this reason, dehydrated fruit is considered as a functional food and is an ideal complement of meals or you can always eat them between meals due to its energetic (fructose) contribution to the body. For example, they can be combined with yogurt, milk, smoothies, salads, desserts or garnishes. It has a great variety of options to prepare them and their health benefits are numerous.

The fiber of the fruits helps to accelerate our digestive process and the moderate consumption can help to slim and satisfy the appetite. As we mentioned, by eliminating the water the nutrients are concentrated and the size of the fruit is reduced. Sometimes, when we perceive the fruit is smaller, it may cause the consumption of larger portions than suggested. A dehydrated fruit of 0.055 pounds equals 0.22 pounds of fresh fruit because the nutrients intensify and depending on the fruit are the benefits to be obtained such as antioxidants, fiber and other vitamins. For example: if I am eating 0.22 pounds of dehydrated mango it is as if I were eating four fresh mangoes so the calories increase. It is advisable to consume between 0.055 to 0.11 pounds per serving and don´t compare the size with fresh fruits.

Some of the benefits of consuming dehydrated fruit are that they provide energy and are excellent products to supply energy with natural sugars (fructose) to our body; anyone can consume them: children, babies, pregnant women, athletes, and even diabetic people. It is important to mention that diabetic people should consume it moderately, they have fructose concentration but this type of sugar does not travel quickly to the blood so that the sugar levels do not increase drastically (still they have to moderate their consumption).

It is recommended for athletes or hikers because they give them lots of energy to exercise; they can carry supplies easily and avoid cramps as nutrients are more concentrated. It is good for pregnant women, children and babies because it contains no special additives and they are 100% natural. As already mentioned, dried fruits provide many nutrients such as potassium, calcium, iron, fiber and depending on the fruit there are other nutrients that can provide us.

Dehydrated fruits help quench hunger between meals for their fiber content, making them excellent snacks for being healthy and providing nutrients. In addition, they are natural laxatives so if you have intestinal problems, like constipation, they can be very useful, because of its high fiber content.
Another of the main advantages is the duration of dried fruits (compared to fresh ones) as they can last up to a year if they are kept in a dry place and you can find them in the stores any season of the year.

Another of the benefits that we can find in dehydrated fruits is that they have antioxidants and help cardiovascular health (mainly those of dark color). In addition, they help prevent anemia by its iron content. Despite the heat they are subjected to, the dehydrated fruits maintain all their nutrients and provide anticancer properties (just like fresh fruits).

Each fruit gives specific nutrients so we decided to share with you the specific benefits of the most common dehydrated fruits. The apple gives vitamin C, fiber (helps with constipation, gastritis, colitis), strengthens the stomach and also is recommended for cardiovascular and circulation health.

Dehydrated pineapple protects the health of the heart, useful for digestive problems and has anti-inflammatory properties, so if you feel your throat inflamed, it can be a good remedy. The dehydrated coconut is diuretic, stimulates the digestive system, contains folic acid, potassium and helps to have good circulation.

On the other hand, we suggest that before buying dehydrated fruits you must read the nutritional chart as there are brands that add sugars or preservatives to increase the life of fruits. Also, when visiting the supermarkets you can get confused between dehydrated fruits and the ones that have more sugar. The last ones have more sugar because in the process they are immersed in syrup to last longer; while the dehydrated fruits are dried by heat without adding anything else, until they reach 20% of their weight approximately.

Dehydrated fruits are not junk food, they are a healthy snack that helps to eliminate hunger and provides nutrients so they are perfect to consume between meals, to take to school or office (because of their easy transportation) or can be mixed with others foods to complement your diet and provide more nutrients in your food.

Instantia was born because all the benefits that the dehydrates fruits have, and our mission is to create healthy food for the population, that is why we are in constant innovation in order to have the best alternative for our customers for whom we work 365 days a year offering the best service in the industry.

In our company we believe that bringing something positive to society is vital. That´s why we look after the fruits, taking care of the quality of our products and the process of dehydration (without adding additives or preservatives), we are also highly committed to the ecosystem; we know that we are part of something bigger than us. That´s why mind of the people and the earth that make us what we are and give us what we have.

Also, Instantia is committed for fair trade and sustainability. We respect the environment and closely work with agricultural communities, in order to reach quality standards in our products and exceed the expectations of our clients. We also work closely with farmers to ensure that there are no additives or pesticides in our fruit; carrying out processes that are friendly with the environment in our region.

The three main pillars of our company are quality, service and price. Instantia have a demanding process of selection and care of natural fruits that makes our company a prime brand in the national and international production and distribution of dehydrated foods and in one of the most reliable alternatives when selling raw materials and ingredients of the best quality.

Instantia for 15 years it has been concerned to provide its customers with a group of companies in the health food industry to offer the highest quality products, the best service and innovation throughout the process.

Also, we have the capability to make final products according to the client specification. Our excellence in service, good price and outstanding quality makes us have an international presence in the European, Asian and United States markets, fulfilling with the high quality standards of each country.

We want to be part of the life of every person in the world, providing quality and healthy food; taking care of our environment and contributing energy and happiness to our consumers.

Visit our blog where you will find various articles of interest. For example: recipes where to use the dehydrated fruit, the different services that we offer, benefits of consuming dried fruit, news in our industry, among other interesting data that we would love to share with you.

For more information about our products, delivery or the company, please contact us at (55) 2166 9191 – (55) 2166 9492 – 01 728 2820230 or send us an email to info@instantia.com. We will be very happy to help you.

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