Organic dried banana and a healthy lifestyle

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The benefits of eating dehydrated fruits are many. Each of the fruits, including the organic dried banana can provide various nutrients and are essential to be able to carry a balanced diet and maintain a healthy life. To live a healthy life is very important to have balanced meals and also consuming fruits because they provide vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, antioxidants which make them capable of preventing large number of diseases, as well as delay premature aging, obesity, cholesterol among other diseases.

Dehydrated fruits are a source of healthy energy that allows us to fulfill our daily activities, allowing us to obtain the necessary nutrients in our body and can achieve our goals of weight eating healthy snacks or complementing our meals or even protein shakes providing new flavors, as well as vitamins necessary for us to have a good performance.

Another way to enjoy all the benefits of fruits is in dehydrated fruits. These types of fruits have great qualities. The only difference with the fresh ones is that this type of fruit have been dehydrated, this means that the water has been extracted through the use of heat so the water is eliminated from the fruits; eliminating water from fruits allows microorganisms can no longer grow in the fruit becoming an excellent option to consume fruits without worrying that they are rotten, because they can last more than a year without refrigeration.

Sometimes you may think that being dried fruits will no longer contain the same nutrients. However, it is important to mention that nutrients and vitamins are maintained and the only thing that is lost is water, which is why they have a high nutritional content, especially calcium, potassium, iron, vitamin B, A, E, among others. Dehydrated fruits are recognized for providing a large amount of energy in small portions, this is because they contain carbohydrates and fructose that is characterized by providing energy to our body and for this reason is one of the favorite snacks for athletes.

Dried fruits help reduce constipation because they provide a lot of fiber to the body so they help the digestive system to function properly. Also, one of the great advantages is that it prevents anemia because it contributes amounts of iron which helps the body to produce red blood cells and if consumed with Vitamin C it can improve the absorption of iron in our body.

One of the preferred dried fruits by athletes and children is the organic dried banana because of the ease that exists to transport it anywhere but it has some disadvantages. Normally, if we think of a fresh banana and try to take it to the office or school snack, when you want to eat it is black or even crushed so it no longer looks appetizing and we end up without eating it and hungry.

This is one of the main benefits of the organic dried banana. In addition, the organic dried banana maintains all the nutrients and vitamins that the fresh ones, only reduces its size by the absence of water. A fresh banana contains about 75% water. This means that the banana will have that size reduction. When water is removed, dried bananas become a concentrated food of nutrients, and they contain less vitamin C (about 20%) as this vitamin decreases with heat but is not completely lost. A great advantage is that it is a nutritious snack that eliminates hunger due to its high carbohydrate content.

Another of the main advantages is that the organic dried banana is very versatile so it can be eaten sweet, salty or even spicy. In addition, it is perfect to replace fried potatoes that are not able to provide nutrients and cause damage to the body because they are fried. For this reason, the dried banana has become one of the most used snacks and is ideal for a movie night, as a snack to have energy before going to the gym or lunch for children. The dehydrated banana is able to prevent diseases because it has a lot of nutrients that help the functioning of the digestive system, potassium that is able to prevent cramps and the best thing is that you can get all the benefits of this fruit in small portions without the need of be taking care of the backpack or the bag so that it does not get crushed.

It is important to mention that banana is highly recommended for people who remain active, and do exercise because it provides a lot of energy. However, it is not recommended to consume in large quantities if you have a sedentary life.

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