Organic dried fruits and a healthy brain

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As the years go by, our brain and cognition age, but it depends on our diet how long we will maintain our quality of life since the organic dried fruits and food we eat will provide us with vitamins and minerals necessary for our brain to function properly.

Organic dried fruits are able to provide us with vitamins, antioxidants, fiber and various minerals that help us prevent diseases and protect our cognitive system; this is because when consuming fruits we can prevent diseases such as overweight, hypertension, diabetes, among other diseases that can cause cognitive deterioration or diseases such as Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, among others.

Eating different types of organic dried fruits helps our body receive a wide variety of nutrients, which are found in each of the fruits. Also, it is recommended to ingest omega-3 that is present in salmon, sardines or tuna because it contributes to the intellectual performance of people, it is also recommended to ingest iron, iodine, vitamin B12 (present in a large amount of fruits). It is also recommended to exercise because it helps the brain to produce omega-3 and provide the brain with vitamins.

Some of the vegetables that help brain health is broccoli because of its vitamin K content and green leafy vegetables such as spinach help blood clotting, and help prevent Alzheimer’s. For example, when a person needs iron or has anemia, their levels of concentration or assimilation may decrease, so it is recommended to eat more foods that contain iron such as spinach to improve cognitive functions and prevent deterioration.

Almonds and nuts contain omega-3, vitamin E, magnesium that help maintain levels of concentration provide protein and help us stay awake and focused. The brain consumes much of our daily energy to have a good functioning. Some of the fruits recommended to eat are green tea, grapes, apples and citrus because they help revitalize the brain.

Some fruits such as blueberries and strawberries help improve memory and maintain attention and are able to keep the brain young; by including these foods in the diet it delays the loss of memory and is able to make the brain retain mental acuity. In Instantia, we know that sometimes it is not easy to find fresh fruits like strawberries in the supermarket, for this reason, we decided to create organic dried fruits and strawberry powder which keeps all the vitamins of the strawberries, allowing to store them easily and for long periods of time to enjoy their benefits in any time of the year.

Strawberries contain vitamin A, vitamin E, B1, B2, B3, B6 and C (they have more vitamin C than several citrus fruits). It also provides potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, iodine and calcium. Also, it contains fiber helping to reduce the levels of cholesterol in the blood, keeping the digestive system healthy helping to prevent hypertension and diabetes.

It is advisable to limit calories and saturated fats because they affect the cognitive system, decreasing concentration and memory because the brain does not receive enough food; on the other hand, green tea protects the cells of the brain, taking red wine moderately helps the blood circulation and prevent diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Another remedy that we recommend is to solve mental exercises since these will help improve mental agility and prevent diseases such as dementia. Remember that the brain is like a muscle that we must use constantly so that it does not weaken so it is important to exercise it. That´s why, we want to share with you some mental exercises that can help you increase your mental agility.

A very effective exercise is that before going to sleep, review everything you did in the day from the moment you got up, try to remember all the details and visualizing in your mind everything you did in the day. If you want to make it a bit more difficult, start from the night to morning. With this exercise you will improve your memory, ability to visualize, concentration, attention to details. Another exercise is that when you visit a new place you make a map of the place you visited, this will help you improve memory, brain capacity and perfect spatial intelligence.

Stress is a factor that damages our brain a lot because it damages our memory. Some remedies that what we can do to reduce it is to establish real goals, take 10 minute breaks during the day, express feelings, focus on individual tasks, perform meditation daily because it improves the depression, anxiety, pain and other diseases. In addition, it improves concentration, creativity, reasoning and learning.

One of the main activities that will help our brain is to sleep the proper hours that are between 7 and 9 hours for adults. Keep a routine to sleep, avoid devices one hour before sleep because they make the brain feel awake. Avoid eating too much sugar; eliminate tobacco and moderate alcohol consumption because these two substances cause cognitive impairment.

These were some recommendations to keep our brain healthy longer to maintain a good quality of life, improving concentration, attention, memory and cognitive system which will help our brain stay young for longer. At Instantia, we are concerned about the health of our customers and that is why we offer organic dried fruits 100% natural, our fruits contain no sugar or other additives, to promote a healthy life every day.

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