Organic dried mango and a fit lifestyle

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As we have already mentioned in other posts, organic dried mango has great health benefits, which helps us have a healthy lifestyle, preventing diseases and improving our physical performance.

Mango is a delicious fruit that has great nutrients and vitamins. Unfortunately we cannot find it in the supermarkets every month of the year and sometimes they do not even arrive fresh at the place where we live or they are extremely expensive. For this reason, in Instantia we wanted to share with the world the benefits of the mango and we turned it into organic dried mango.

In Instantia you can find organic dried mango 100% natural with the characteristic color of this tropical fruit because only the water is extracted, through a process of heat so it continues to have all its nutrients, the only vitamin that decreases a little is the vitamin C because it is water-soluble, but still contains this vitamin even in its dry version

Our products are characterized for being organic since we do not add additives, nor sugars so when buying organic died mango you will be completely sure that our products are beneficial for your health and that of your family. Some of the benefits of organic dried mango is that help to maintain a healthy digestion because it assistances the body to break down food, pectin helps prevent constipation and is able to reduce the feeling of acid reflux. It is also able to help the body maintain its alkalinity and prevent heartburn.

A great benefit of this fruit is that it is capable of preventing cancer; although it does not serve to replace medications, it is known that it is a great help to carry a healthy diet and prevent diseases due to its properties. The prevention of cancer is because it contains antioxidants that make our body work properly and reduce the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer or leukemia.

Mango is known to be beneficial for heart health because of its vitamin C content and fiber that helps reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood that can cause heart attacks, strokes. In addition, it helps regulate blood pressure due to its potassium content bringing great benefits to our health and allowing us to have a high quality of life.

Mango has a large amount of vitamin K, this vitamin helps bones absorb the calcium they need, which helps maintain the bones healthy by preventing fractures (because bones are strong) and preventing diseases such as osteoporosis.

On the other hand, mango has iron, which helps prevent anemia. Anemia causes you to feel weak and having a lack of energy (one of the symptoms is that you want to sleep all day) because the organs are experiencing a lack of oxygen. This problem is very common in women, who need to ingest greater amounts of iron (due to menstruation). In addition, the vitamin C contained in the mango helps the body to absorb iron efficiently.

Mango is also beneficial for the liver, kidneys and even prevents the flu. In addition, mango is good for people who have diabetes because due to its high fiber content it is able to lower the levels of sugar in the body. On the other hand, it is believed that it helps fight insomnia and muscle weakness which is very beneficial for athletes.

The mango is known to be a fruit that provides a lot of energy and its delicious flavor, not for nothing is called the king of fruits. When eating organic dried mango, we have a wide variety of options to implement it in our daily diet, helping to maintain a healthy diet, maintain our weight and help to have energy to perform various physical activities.

The dried fruits are an excellent option to have a healthy snack that fills you with nutrients, vitamins and energy for the whole day. You can include them in your daily meals or in salads so that you have a pleasant flavor and complement your diet obtaining all the necessary vitamins. If in the morning you do not have much time to prepare a breakfast, dried fruits are ideal. You can make a smoothie with almond milk, dried mango and oatmeal; if you want it to be a bit sweet you can add honey or Splenda and you already have a breakfast that fills you with energy and very quick to make.

Our goal is to provide our customers with high quality products and help people have a healthy life to increase their quality of life and promote a healthy and natural life. Instantia is a leading global natural food company, always focused on working together with the local producers witch allow us to get the best product with the highest quality; we are a part of a group of companies with more than 15 years in the healthy food industry that you have given us the experience for providing our clients the highest quality products.

We know that to be the best we need to constantly innovate, that’s why we work the 365 to be able to give you the best alternatives and the best service. If you want to know more about our services and products we invite you to know our catalog online, or contact us by email or phone, we will be very happy to help you.

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