Dried banana and a healthy skin

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Many times we have heard that we are what we eat; there can be no more accurate phrase since our body reflects everything we eat in the skin, eyes and different organs. A well and poorly nourished person can be noticed quickly with the skin; in the brightness, softness and even acne. For this reason in this post we want to share with you the benefits of including dried banana and some other fruits in your diet that will allow you to have a radiant, smooth skin, delay the appearance of wrinkles and prevent skin diseases such as psoriasis and acne.

Strawberries are a great remedy for healthy skin since they have vitamin E; beta carotene and vitamin C which will make your face look healthy. An excellent remedy can also be that you use strawberry powder as a mask. Just add a little water and stir. The mixture that comes out you need to spread it on your face. This mask will help you eliminate dead tissues, impurities, clean pores, reduce inflammation and can eliminate acne. Your skin will look soft and radiant.

Watermelon is another fruit very beneficial for the skin; due to its large amount of water allows our skin to be hydrated. Orange is known to be astringent, if you have acne you can spread orange on your face to reduce the levels of fat and vitamin C that it contains will help your skin look radiant. Including a grapefruit and orange juice in the morning can help you lose weight and also help you reduce wrinkles in your skin due to the antioxidant properties of grapefruit. The mango and dried mango can help protect your skin from sun damage due to its beta-carotene and vitamin A content.

Papaya has astringent properties which will allow you to reduce fat and prevent acne. In addition, it is advisable to use it in cases of dermatitis. Bananas and dried banana are a natural remedy to reduce dark circles in your eyes. You can also grind dried banana with little water and it will serve to moisturize your skin. If you want it to be exfoliating you can combine it with sugar.

The dried banana contains anti-aging properties and we can use banana with honey, first we grind the banana, and we put a spoonful of honey and wait for the mixture to be brown. We place it on our face, under the eyes too. Let it rest for 10 minutes and remove it when we begin to feel the skin stretch. It is recommended to use it 3 times a week to delay the appearance of wrinkles.

Another mask that we can make with banana is to mix it with lemon juice. This mask full of vitamin C will reduce the spots and imperfections of the skin. Also, you can use a banana, 2 tablespoons of oatmeal, honey and 1 tablespoon of milk; apply it on the face and let it rest, at 5 minutes it begins to rub your skin to open the pores; this mask is to moisturize the skin if you have it very dry.

Also, if you want to perform a body exfoliation you can grind strawberry powder together with bananas or dried banana and a little water, add 3 tablespoons of sugar and you can use for your whole body. You can place it before bathing, leave a few minutes and take a bath; you will notice a big difference in your skin after this treatment.

All parts of the banana can help us improve our skin. In case you have a fresh banana you can use the peel because it contains antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. The peel serves to remove the itch in insect bites, placing banana peel on acne also helps to heal and reduce outbreaks.

The dried banana is a fruit that also brings multiple benefits to the health because it contains vitamin A, B, C E and minerals such as potassium, iron and zinc. It is able to give us energy; helps keep blood pressure under control. Potassium helps the body efficiently consume calcium, potassium and magnesium, they help keep the kidneys healthy. In addition, it helps to take care of the nerves and is an excellent food for the brain increasing the learning abilities. Eating bananas also helps reduce the probabilities of colon cancer and contributes to bone health because it improves calcium absorption.

These were some recommendations for using fresh fruits and dried fruits on the skin. Both have the same advantages. In ancient times, to dehydrate the fruits was done by cutting the fruits and place them for several hours in the open air for the sun to do this process. When finished, the fruits remained completely natural only that they had no more water, but this technique, although natural, made the products not have an excellent quality due to insects, dust, among other contaminants.

That is why in Instantia we use ovens and is not outdoors. This way we control the temperature to maintain the properties of each fruit. It is as if it was in the sun, but without the insects or pollutants that damage the quality; also, we avoid the variations in temperature because it may cause nutrients to be lost from fruits. In Instantia we take care of the quality of each one of our products.

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