Dried fruits, freeze fruits or fresh fruits: which one is the best?

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Instantia is a leading global natural food company, our company is focused on working together with the local producers which allow us to get the best product with the highest quality and with a fair price; we care about the environment, the people in our company and our clients; we want to produce and be a part of people´s lives in a positive way, by improving their health, with dried fruits that people consume every day.

People always say that fruits should be consumed to lead a healthy diet and be able to maintain good health throughout the years. However, even in fruits there are several options that make us doubt which is the most convincing if dried fruits, freeze fruits or natural.

Fresh fruits also have many benefits; they have all the vitamins and nutrients. The major benefit is that they have the water soluble vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A, because they are not dried and those vitamins are not diminished. However, the disadvantages are that you cannot find all fruits all year long, neither in some cities in the world. Also, they are spoiled really quickly in comparison with the other two types of fruits, and you cannot take them anywhere because they don´t endure really high temperatures or all-day long inside your purse or your backpack.

Frozen fruits are chosen just when they are fresh and mature; these fruits are usually picked, cleaned, and then frozen. Ideally, buy frozen fruits that do not contain added sugars or syrup that could increase your calories. When buying frozen fruits they also maintain their components for a longer period of time; the best fruits to consume frozen are the blueberries, cranberries, strawberries or raspberries since they can maintain the flavor that these fruits have, besides maintaining its nutritional content. One of the main benefits of these fruits is its antioxidant components.

Antioxidants help delay premature aging and can help prevent dryness on the skin, remove dryness, improving texture and pores on the skin. In addition, antioxidants are beneficial to the health of the eyes by delaying the blindness caused by age. Also, antioxidants help keep the cardiovascular system healthy because they promote good circulation in the body.

Freeze dried fruits are very convenient because they maintain the components and nutrients of fruits. This method is used to preserve food. To do this, fruits should be chosen when they are fresh, washed and frozen, then begin a drying process so that the water turns into gas and leaves the fruit. These types of fruits are commonly found inside cereal boxes. However, they have fewer vitamins than frozen fruits.

This type of fruit also contains high percentage fiber, reducing cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of colon cancer. These types of fruits also work if you are looking for a low calorie diet. Freeze dried fruits have a crunchy texture that sets them apart from the dried ones. Dried and freeze fruits are an excellent choice because they are kept for long periods of time and are a healthy source of energy. The dried fruits are perfect to take for excursions or to lunch, because its caloric content is sufficient to cover your needs and satiate the hunger, in addition they have less weight and volume than fresh fruit. Due to the sweet taste of dehydrated fruit people can get confused and think that these fruits are not healthy. However, the sweet taste is due to the concentration of fructose. This happens because they are smaller than the fresh ones. At the time of drying, the fruit loses approximately 80% of its size because the water is eliminated and, nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and fructose are concentrated in this type of fruit.

These fruits don´t contain cholesterol, or harmful fats which make them perfect for a healthy snack or include them in our daily meals. Eating dehydrated fruit is associated with low weight due to the great contribution of nutrients they have. However, it must be said that dehydrated fruit has more calories than fresh ones. This is due to its size reduction which can cause it to be consumed more by the idea that it is less. For example, if you eat a cup of dried apple, it´s like you ate four fresh apples. So an abuse in this product could cause you to gain weight. However, this food in the recommended portions can help your diet plan because of its high nutrient and fiber content. In addition, this food is highly recommended for athletes because with little amount can absorb the nutrients they need to continue their exercise. Also, this food is highly recommended for children as it is a sweet-tasting food that does not contain extra sugar and helps children to grow because of its high content of various nutrients that helps them have a balanced diet.

Our products are 100% natural. The drying process is natural since it is placed in ovens, where the temperature is managed to take care of the nutrients and vitamins of the fruits. This process is really natural, and it has been used since the Roman Empire; in those times they used the only the heat of the sun. However, with the technology we can measure heat to use the ideal drying in each fruit and also we can be more hygienic and avoid flies or other insects in the fruits so we can offer only the best products.

Give yourself the opportunity to try our products and become a preferred customer of this company; you will be buying an excellent product that will help you and your customers to have a healthy life with delicious and natural products such as dried pineapple, mango, coconut and apple powder, among others. Don´t waste more time searching, contact us at (55) 2166 9191 – (55) 2166 9492 – 01 728 2820230 or send us an email to info@instantia.com and we will be happy to solve all your doubts and share with you our processes and products, so you will be sure about the quality of each product.

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