Organic dried banana vs. fried food

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New discoveries about the benefits of dried fruits have come to revolutionize what we thought about them. Before, we saw them dry and it was thought that they had probably lost some of their properties. However, studies show that dried fruits are very healthy, as all they lose is water, and their vitamins and minerals intensify in what is left of the fruit.

There is an idea that all dried fruits have added sugars and therefore have a very sweet taste. However, this is not true. It´s true that there are dried fruit products which have added sugars and flavors that end up being like another type of sweet. But, not all dried fruits contain sugars or other additives. For this reason, we invite you to read the nutritional chart before buying a similar product so that you are sure of its content.

We are committed to the health of our clients, and we want to share our culture with the world, creating healthy and delicious products. That is why all our products are 100% natural we never use additives, sugar or preservatives on any of them. Thus you will have the security that you are consuming organic food, completely natural, with the nutrients that you need to focus on your health helping you to fulfill your daily activities. In addition, our company is committed to fair trade and sustainability. We respect the environment and closely work with agricultural communities in each region.

One of our products is organic dried banana. This product is very popular because it can be eaten like fries, but they are made of banana.

It is very common, that in this product we find banana fritters. This means that they fry the bananas in oil and add flavors to make it taste different.

Fried foods

Fries are able to give us energy. However, the excessive consumption of these fried foods is on of the causes of overweight. Why do we gain weight? Fries are high in fats and when fats do not burn, obesity increases because the body begins to store them. The body anticipates and stores fats in case there comes a time when there is no food.

Fats provide calories; help absorb vitamins like A, D, E and K, and they are necessary to keep skin and hair healthy. These are the benefits of foods with healthy fats. However, fries are high in fat so it is recommended that their consumption is moderate, otherwise we will see the results in the weight balance and in our health in less than a month.

When we go to the supermarket, we see the frying hall and we automatically imagine ourselves sitting on the couch watching a movie with this food. It is common, that we think that we will only eat one or two potatoes. However, this determination fades when we take the first bite and when we realize we already finished the bag. Potato chips are saturated fatty acids, sugars and salt so if you have a frequent consumption you will have obesity and cardiovascular diseases.

A small bag of potato fries has 228 kcal. That is to say, it is equivalent to two steaks of beef, so if we eat a bag of potatoes, that would be enough to substitute a meal. Fries absorb a lot of oil to become fried, if the potato is really thin they have more oil than the thick ones. Potato chips do not contain fiber, protein quality is low, and they have high salt content (some place sodium and not salt). Excess of salt causes us to retain liquids and people with high blood pressure should avoid this type of food.

When buying chips, analyze what type of oil they use (in the small letters of the bag), in this section you can find out what type it is. If specified they use olive, sunflower or corn, the potatoes will be a little less harmful. However, if you only see “vegetable oil” distrust since it can be palm that is oil that has too many saturated fats.

When our food between meals is fried, what we cause is that our body feels satisfied, but we will have a lot of calories in our body, but few nutrients; and if we increase a sedentary lifestyle is sure we will suffer overweight.

For this reason we share some alternatives to fight the craving for fry, maintaining a healthier lifestyle and nourish our body. We can change these foods for fresh fruits like a banana or an apple; even whole-grain crackers or a great choice are dried fruits. Dried fruits bring great benefits; and depending on the fruit we consume are the benefits we will have.

This time we want to suggest a solution with organic dried banana like banana chips, what benefits they provide us and how we can prepare them if we want them to have a different flavor but be sure of what it contains.

Organic dried banana is a very nutritious fruit, contains fiber that prevents stomach diseases and helps fight problems such as constipation or diarrhea. It also helps to lower cholesterol levels because of its high fiber content. The banana contains potassium which avoids cramps, is a great source of healthy energy and is a highly recommended for children and athletes. Sometimes we know that people want a snack with a different flavor, that’s why we offer some other flavors for people who want to try dehydrated bananas as a snack during the day.

Bananas can taste of salt and pepper can add 3 tablespoons coconut oil, ½ teaspoon salt and ½ teaspoon pepper. Stir it with the dehydrated bananas and let it rest to absorb the liquid.

Also, bananas can taste of lemon. You can add 3 tablespoons of coconut oil, lemon juice, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon pepper and let stand for the bananas to absorb the liquid.

Another flavor that is not very common, but gives a sweet touch to bananas are 2 tablespoons coconut oil, 1 teaspoon honey, ½ teaspoon salt, ½ teaspoon ground cinnamon and ¼ teaspoon pepper. They let the bananas absorb the ingredients. For those who like the spicy food, they can put lemon juice and spicy powder or liquid. Let the bananas absorb the liquid.

There are many ways to consume banana chips. We recommend buying natural organic dried banana and later you can create the flavors that you like. In this way, they will know what ingredients they used and can take care of the health of you and your family. The next time you go to the supermarket, do not forget to check the nutritional tables of the products you are going to consume, this way they will know what they are consuming and can take care of their health.

Our company is recognized for offering 100% natural products; we do not add sugar, preservatives or any other additives to our products. With our products you can be sure that you will receive all the benefits of fresh fruits. At Instantia, we want to be part of your life and provide a healthy and nutritious solution for your food and also for your customers. We want to be a positive change in society and the environment. That’s why we offer organic products to make people consume healthy products and achieve their goals, while maintaining a good quality of life.

That is why in our process we use ovens and is not outdoors. This way we control the temperature to maintain the properties of each fruit. It is as if it were in the sun; however we do it in the oven because the environmental pollutants or insects can damage the quality of the fruits. In addition, variations in temperature could cause nutrients to be lost from fruits. For these reasons we place them in ovens to take care of the quality of our products, keep them free of contaminants and maintain the nutrients for which fruits are an excellent source of food.

Our process is natural because we only use heat; we do not add anything more to our fruits. In the dehydration process we only eliminate water, doing so, fruits lose a lot of their volume, sometimes a 75% or more because is the amount of water they have. After the fruit is reduced all the vitamins, nutrients, fructose, fiber, antioxidants and calories are concentrated in the remnants of the fruit. Then, we prepare them to send them to our customers worldwide (United States, Mexico and Europe). We take care of each detail so there are no microorganisms that could damage our product and be able to offer the best quality. We have 15 years of experience in the food industry. During these years, we have perfected each of our processes for each of the fruits such as coconut, mango, pineapple, apple and organic dried banana. In addition, we offer apple fiber, apple powder and strawberry powder.

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